Today is a VERY different topic. I’ve decided to write about it after my “eeeerie encounter” late last night while I was blogging…

Anyway this is my own personal perception and what I decipher from the lessons and experiences in my life…U may / may not believe what I wrote here but HEY! that’s ur choice…

What are ghosts actually? And why are people afraid of them?
We humans are normally afraid of what we do not know. And these ghosts or entities they called it are the ULTIMATE ???? puzzle in our heads. But our inquisitive minds always pushes us to know more about these entities. Even in fear, we are still curious to see a scary ghostly movie or hear eerie,goosebumpy ghostly stories during camps/pajama party..and then nightmares after that…but yet again, we muster our courage and watch another scary show,and another, and another..that is why film makers are making TONS by “cashing” on our fears..

Actually Ghosts are “Afraid” of us too. Seriously..if u were scared by them , try shouting at them in anger or show that u are not afraid ,true enough the “scaring game” will be over.

Ok straight to the point…
GHOSTS are actually “JIN” /genie in english. They are made from fire same as the DEVIL itself. All devils are from JIN but not all genies are devils…get it? There are many kinds of JIN..the ones that can fly, the ones that can take the form of animals(especially the black dog, the darker it is, the more powerful it is) and the one that ..ermm..i forgot..(will check on that later) and some also look like us with some differences of course.

Their life span is much much longer than humans..can be up to hundreds of years.They also have religions and races and believe me, they do have their own language “slang” (I’ve heard in my own ears from one of the “possessed” victim, I witness before).Why can’t we see them ?It’s because they move fast. They can easily get into humans thru the bloodstream. And they love to meddle with the Humans urat saraf -mental state of mind.(that is why if u go in toilets, its best to cover ur head)

And what are those so-called “pontianaks”, jembalang, toyols…water ghosts..?? They are JINs. Like us , we have different skins, different race, different face..different bodies, short, tall, skinny, fat..with different characteristics so are they. These names are different kinds of JINs. Once u know what they are, the fear is lessen.They reproduce in much greater number in just short time. They also have different sexes -male & female. (ah-kuas or transvestities/pondan..I’m not sure they have or not)

Another entity is “Qarin” or shall I called it our other self/our “twin”..this is a “carbon copy” of ourselves whom is always with us till we die.They are from the JIns too.And their life span is longer than us, humans. They are “kafir” (non-muslim) because the only muslim Qarin is the Prophet’s one.(pbuh). That is why u often hear stories that the dead has woken up/return home. Actually that is QARIN. They are lost and has nowhere to go cause the original twinself has died and return to soil.

The “chief devil” /satan use to be PIOUS and be the top amongst the angels? But due to his unwillingness/stubbornness to prostate to Adam whom he thought to be of lower quality than him which is fire… His arrogantness has brought him down and thus he was “demoted” to HELL and thus he PROMISE to bring along prophet ADAM’s generations (that is his life-long QUEST tll end of time)..which is us..

Also if ever his loyal subordinates (the devils) were to fail in this quest to “Sesatkan” the human race, they will be punish and one of the punishment is that they will be tied and thrown into the sea.So beware when u go to the sea. Make sure, u read some doas/surah before u go in. The best it to read Al-Baqarah (last 2 ayat is sufficient or ayat kursi)And not forgetting those who throw their bad lucks/”su-eh”/tangkals/shiriks item e.g the black magic items..into the sea. And so the seas is “polluted” by the unseen. That is why we hear often even the best swimmer could drown..

A close friend of mine told me that she went to a beach one fine day. Went to the shallowest part of the sea and take a deep breath and lie face down in the water.Suddenly,there was someone pushing her head down. She was struggling…there was no one around because her friend was swimming further down. She was gasping for air and that “someone” was “drowning” her.At the same time, a great fear sets in her not any kind of fear but EERIE goosebumping fear. She read some surah/doa that she can remember and the grip on her loosen and eventually let go. She looked around, there was no one…

And for those especially with kids, please ,please u got to be ALERT but prevention is better than cure..read SURAH AL-baqarah together or the simplest is the 3 QUL-Surah ikhlas (Qul huwallahu ahad..) , al-Falaq (qul a u dzu birobbilfalaq..) and an-nas (Qul a u dzu birobbinnas..). Who don’t like to bask in the sun, swimming in the beautiful waters, rite? But make sure a happy outing has a happy ending…please..at least baca basmalah (bismillah) in everything tat u do..

These devils love smelly,dirty things so hygiene within oneself is ultimate in keeping them away. Also they love kemungkaran(anything that is HARAM in Islam)so that is why the “bomohs” or the devil worshippers has to sacrifice animals in other names than Allah and also do other bad deeds to call upon JINs to do their bidding. And then when they get these JINs , they will have to reward them with blood of animals or others…These bomohs normally use the JINs to create havoc in other people’s lives. Break a happy marriage, create havoc in persons mind…create enmity between friends and families all due to greed, jealousy..

I’ve said recently that there is religion between JINs..there are MUSLIMS, christian, free thinker and so on. The muslim JINS are normally better looking than the rest. They are not as hideous. They seldom harm humans unless they are being threatened.Either that or they were imprison by the bomohs or they were mistreated like being urinated at or thrown stones at.Scenario 1- a man urinate in public places in alleys/under trees/shrubs and somehow that is their living area and thus, the man ended up with some kind of weird mysterius pain/sickness after that. Another scenario is that we love to throw stones from the breakwater into the sea. Especially at night when its quiet and peaceful. But u do not see the “unseen” and thus the pebbles /stone hit one of them and then they retaliate by giving u some kind of sickness or a blueblack in the body.U can even end up with a big bulge of swelling at any part of the body and when u refer to doctor, they cannot find the cause or any wrong with u..

Do u know?
Our toilets are actually a village of JINS. A whole village!! Every evening, there will be a “meeting” there. Evening is about after asar (5.30pm onwards).Also around this time, the devils will be moving around searching for prey. That is why kids are advisable to return home and not loitering/lingering outside. Homes are to have their windows closed from maghrib onwards.Because they will not enter premises whose windows are closed with basmalah/bismillah.

Often, I heard my non-muslim friends tell me that if a flat is “haunted”, it will be okay after a muslim family reside in it. wonder why is that? Because normally before we moved in, we have to “azan” (and not throw salt,sugar or whatever..)in all corners of the house (the devil will dart away like a speeding bullet upon hearing the azan) to “cleanse” the house. And then we will do our prayers there and read al-Baqarah to further remove the “impurities” and then our everyday “maintenance” which is our 5 daily prayer and recital of Al-Quran day and night by individuals in the house will help to keep it “clean” spiritually.

As for those, who wants to “pagar”(protect) themselves from these entities -u can read ayat Ruqyah (easily found in bookshops)-list of accumulated list of surah for “fencing” urself and family from all these entities. Or read Surah Al-Baqarah, if its too long, just take ayat 1-5, 255 and last 2 ayat (285&286). It is said that the devils will run/stay away from a house for 3 nights in which surah Al-baqarah was read in. Or ayat kursi 7 times (with 9 wakaf/stops). When reading all these, u must yakin/believe that God , the Almighty will help u. Also for those who do not has “tajwid” lessons ,it’s best u take basic tajwid lesson cause u might read wrongly and it wont be as effective…
wallahu alam…

Anyway, for those non-believers who had been experiencing “marbles noises” in ur flat…this would be interesting for you…

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