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To me, ayam penyet means smashed chicken. It originates from Indonesia. This waroeng penyet shop that I went to belong to indonesian owners. And their recipes uses the spices import from Indonesia.

It is situated near the OLD REPUBLIC cinema near Parkway Parade (81 Marine Parade Central, Singapore, SG 440081 )Their menu consist of sayur assam, crackers, soto , bakso, fried meat balls, penyet pomfret fish, penyet beef , cendul,ice tea sosro…most of the dish are about $5.
ayam penyet

We ordered ayam bakar /roasted chicken $5,ayam penyet$5, penyet vege-consist of fried tempeh,tahu hard boiled egg $3.50.All excludes rice-which i think is 50cents per plate. We ordered cendul for desert drink (very thick concoction of coconut milk +cendul green flour bits and chin chow bits $2.50)

ayam bakar

I think if the price is $3.50, then it will be better. Furthermore, I’ve tasted the changi ayam penyet and prefer their SHIOK sambal belacan chilli!
Overall , I think it’s satisfactory. The chicken is crispy and the chilli is spicy but not so spicy. Roasted chicken is ok, Hjh Maimunah ones @ jln pisang are MUCH better.
Overall ok . so-so. i loved the tempeh (fermented beancurd) ! Nice flavour!
To me, it’s like bringing home a kfc chicken and then smashed it with hammer and then add rice,plus cucumber and buy some cili belachan from nasi padang stall.

But still, it was a great experience..but if u prefer authenticity, just hop on to a ferry to Tanjung Pinang and try their sumptious nasi padang meals. U wont regret its authentic taste. U got to be there to taste its originality. i beleive u can find many kinds of dishes that even ayam penyet will lose out.

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2 thoughts on “Waroeng penyet…”

  1. Yup! Your ratings are definitely spot-on. I tried the nasi ayam penyet @ their JE branch and I must say tt it isn't much 2 rave abt. So thks Putri for your very precise review.Much love and appreciation.

  2. just ate this today and kinda googled about it… well so far its the first ayam penyet that i tasted so different than the hawker one…. the sambal super sweaty shiok

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