Takoyaki -octopus ball

“Takoyaki” is a popular snack in Singapore. This is one of the pioneer halal ones @ Banquet in Sengkang (one of the first to make them halal).They use to make it pipping hot only when ordered. But now, they pre-made them just in case there is a sudden surge of customer and so their “shiokness level” has dropped. The taste here is average, I’ve tasted better in Malaysia. Anyway,I heard there is a better one @ Jurong Point banquet. I have not tasted it yet.

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5 thoughts on “Takoyaki -octopus ball”

  1. Are all takoyaki is halal? I’m kinda confused because nowadays there are various companies who made and sell takoyaki especially in malaysia. But are all of them using the same recipe?

  2. Not all Takoyaki is halal. Ensure there is Malaysia halal cert displayed or HALAL logo. Sometimes, the non-Halal ones uses real ham.

  3. Im not so sure,perhaps the Japanese stall on level 1 of Hougang Festival Market has them? fyi-its muslim owned.thks!

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