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This place is located @ 359 Changi road. It was known as Chai chee seafood (or is it Kampung Chai Chee?)but anyway this is not the one that moved from tampines telepark but the one who was here first. I asked my hubby to “ta-pow”. Normally I would love to eat there fresh but due to unforeseen circumstances..

Anyway ta-pow or not, the FOOD is GREAT! It has not disappoint me.
We ordered fried chicken rice, black pepper prawns, baby squid, fish slices in sweet sour sauce and my FAVOURITE Chilli CRABS!All for only $63.

We ordered the smallest size for every dish. But the portions are MEDIUM, can feed 4 grown-ups! U can taste the sweetness of the fresh seafood.

This fried chicken rice can feed 2-3 adults. Its portions of fried chicken are generous.

I often see people ordered the black pepper and chilli crabs together. But I thought of tasting the black pepper and so I ordered these prawns. For $18, it is considered cheap because the size of prawns are big and WORTH it! Unlike any other place. I’ve been to many places but most of them is small medium size. SHIOK! The black pepper is not the instant bottle sauce but is freshly done, U can taste the spicyness of the fresh smashed peppercorns sauce. DELICIOUSLY sedapp!!

This fish slices are also thick. Not just thick with batter fried but with the fish meat.It’s fiery colour adds some zest in the sweet and sour sauce.

Now for my FAVOURITE dish….CHILLI CRAB!!! I can just eat this alone without any rice nothing, just gnawing on the crabs thruout the entire night…hehehe!! I’ve been to Newton, Hawa, New hawa, MAGIC WOK…and other seafood places..but none NONE can be compared to this place…This is the CHEAPEST, fleshiest and SHIOK Halal chilli crab, I ever tasted. This cost about $25 and its’ generous portion can feed 4 adults.I think about 3-4 crabs. And in Newton, one crab already cost $30+ (by weight).The red flavourful thick eggy sauce that smoothered all over the crab is a MUST to be eaten with bread! Like tulang merah but this is crab version..hehe!!YummYY!! 5 stars!

The packaging says “OOh lala seafood”,maybe it changed the name but the venue itself still holds the same name Chai chee seafood (the one further away from eunos mrt). MUST TRY!! And if I’m not wrong they open till 12am.

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