OLD chicken soup…

For chickens the older u are, the tastier u are…
I love OLD chickens! Ayam tua!! My granny use to have this as one of the Hari Raya dishes. She will cook curry, soup,or even kicap (soya sauce) chicken. AND YUMMY! Very tasty!! 6 out of 5 stars! It was said that Mee Soto’s broth is tastier if u use old chicken instead of fresh young chicken. So my craving to day is………. OLD CHICKEN!

The meat of the old chicken is very tough and so u need to cook over a long period . If u have a pressure cooker, then ur problem is solved within minutes!As u can see from the picture, the pores are large in the skin. Though it is old, there are lots of fats but the meat is slender..little actually.

kampung chicken is not as tough as old chicken but kampung chicken in Malaysia is much nicer and tougher than the old chicken in singapore.

I will cook old chicken soup under a small flame over 2-3hours…Just a simple one of onions, ginger and some olive oil and chicken.

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