Mee Hodung…beef version of Mee Soto?

I was attracted to its unusual name -“Mee Hodung”. To me,it is the beef version of MEE SOTO. The main item to me is the POWERFUL cilipadi sauce. The first time, I tasted it, I was actually sniffing thruout the lunch.But still, I will not give up.The more tears it gives me, the more I will persevere! Furthermore, the stock broth is enrichingly delicious. And also the owner is very GENEROUS. He add lots of beef in it.A bowl cost $3. This stall is called muhd Shafie.Previously the owner is a drink seller beside the famous Rojak stall @ the old Geylang Serai market.Now they are located @ the new Geylang Serai market.4 stars! U gotta TRY IT

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