Kota Cola?

is this another Coca cola? Nope..this is actually one of the many great herbs that has many great benefits. Another name is “Centella asiatica” or called in malay “daun pegaga”.

Anyway, u can find their health benefits on the net. But mainly, this leaves are associated with cleverness and longevity. I read somewhere that there was an elephant in India that ate this herbs and it lived for a very long time.

In the market there is juices made of this but the best is to eat it raw and fresh. There are many different kinds. If u go to mustafa, u can see the leaves are thicker and the taste and smell of the plant is different. But at tekka market (rear end @ chinese vege stall where they sell thai vege) there is a different one, from malaysia and thailand. That one is more from the kampung version. But u need to clean that up urself cause it come in roots but the Mustafa one is all cleaned up but a bit harder to chew than the “kampung” one.

If u find it hard to swallow, just wash thoroughly and blend it with some fruits and drink it. Every morning, drink it, insya-Allah ur intelligence level will soar. I will try. My kids and myself will be the guinea pig…hehaha!

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