Islamic Restaurant
tel:62961161 (mon-sun 10am-9pm)
Free delivery with any purchase of $20 and above.

If u are feeling like “couch potatoes” just call up and order. Let the food “walk” to u…I personally have not tried their delivery menu. But I’ve eaten their briyani..SHIOK!I love the rICE! Stated here ..there are varieties fo food provided;indian,western, indonesian, chinese, dessert, beverages and fish head…

Prices are a bit higher than if u buy yourself(of course) but not that high for a LAZY bum (like me!). I saw some unique stuff like NASI LEMAK TANDOORI, GHEERA RICE with MUTTON,GULAB JAMUN (dessert),LASSI salt(saltish yogurt drink??),SWEET PACHADY,MURTABAK TUNA,ROTI MARIAM,EEFU MEE, CHICKEN MADRAS,CHICKEN MATHUSHAS…

Part 2-delivery menu
p.s: U can click on the MENU for a closer look.

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1 thought on “Islamic DIAL-a-BRIYANI”

  1. Islamic's customer service is very bad. I once ordered a large murtabak, but came a small sized one which was eveb thinner and smaller than the usual small sized murtabak you get outside. I then called them back for the feedback, they didnt even bother to listen. Bad experience I had and never again gonna patronize Islamic.

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