International buffet @Carousel Royal Plaza

Royal Plaza on Scotts (opposite far east plaza)
25 Scotts road s(228220)

Breakfast:6.30-10.00am ($29 Adults/$15 kids)
Lunch:12-2.30pm ($33.50/$35 Adults) ($20 kids)
High tea:3.30-5.30pm ($23.50/$28.50 Adults) ($12.50/$15 kids)
Dinner:6.30-10.30pm ($42/$49 Adults) ($25/$29 kids)
Supper:11pm-3am ($19.50 Adults)($10 kids)

This place was previously named “CAFE VIENNA” but now is called CAROUSEL . The last time, I went here was few years back. But now after the renovation, the buffet area is ENLARGED and there are more varieties of food. but my FAVOURITE -OYSTERS are missing!!!!There are cold section consist of cooked cold seafood like crabs, prawns,clams and cray fish..

There are also sushi, raw fish slices, unagi sushi and soba noodles.Also there are normal hawker fares like chicken rice, fish crackers/keropok, beef noodle, dumpling, siumai, briyani..and western food like steak , lamb shoulder,baked potato ,salad and roasted chicken, varieties of cheese, bread and crackers
More prawns!!
What I love most is the SEAWEED,CRABS,FRESH raw SLICE FISH,chocolate FONDUE and the dessert area..especially the chocolate mini cakes and chocolate mousse, cheese cake bread pudding with vanilla sauce…ice-creams..The dessert area is very u see it, 5 secs later, u dont!
Tempting isnt, it?
And the staff is very attentive to your needs…I would put 4 stars but need OYSTERS to boost it up..or maybe abalone,perhaps? But definitely a great ambience for friends gathering.For weekends, its best to call up to reserve…
If u need to see the buffet area check this out!
Note: Fruit juices are additional just make do with ice-cold sky juice..

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3 thoughts on “International buffet @Carousel Royal Plaza”

  1. hey there. was browsing thru the internet searching for info regarding this buffet thingy at royal on scotts for a friend's bday. am interested in the price as well, apparently the price have increased i supposed but may i know what are the additional charges? like the.. +++?? when was this post posted? thx! great info btw!

  2. Hi! Thanks! That was last posted on june/july 2007. To be safe, the actual cost is probably about $50 for lunch and $65 for dinner per person. The ++ charges are normally service charge.Hope that helps!

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