i've reached the 1000th visitors mark!!

Thank you to all the “invisible” visitors I had all over the months.Thank you for making it HAPPEN!I would never dreamt that there would be people who actually would “visit” this site from all over the world…tsk..tsk..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, my family, my kids,the cats downstairs…heheeh! (like oscar award)

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1 thought on “i've reached the 1000th visitors mark!!”

  1. Assalammuallaiukum. My name is Nandin from Indonesia. Your blog is very good. Very informatif. Congratulation have reached 1000th visitors. In January 2008 i will go to Singapore. What traditional halal food in Singapore that u reccomended i must try. Please reply to my e-mail : cuby_chicks[at]yahoo.com

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