Halal food in Holland? No problem…

The Netherlands aka Holland is a wonderful place for a holiday.Especially during spring when the tulips are in bloom and in summer where their HARINGS (in July normally) are freshly caught and eaten RAW! Also their night about 10pm is so bright like in the afternoon(That is when Isya’ can be as late as 12am and Subuh can be as early as 3am)

Eating RAW harring (even my kid loves it!)

Other than Haring, there are PALING (eel), smoked mackerel,ZALM (salmon)and fried kibbeling, cod fish,and I love FRIED FISH eggs!Also available, BIG Mussels (different than in singapore), cuttlefish rings..Eaten with mayonaisse or powderlike fish seasoning( like MAGGI seasoning but better)

Another favourite snack is “PATAT”-fatter version of fries indulge in mayonaise, peanut sauce. (spicy sambal also available similar to uncooked version of cili boh so for those wary, its best not cos first time, I eat it , I go toilet but subsequently, no problem!). U can see this snack everywhere!Too bad, i did not take more photos on food because I was busy INDULGING myself on those wonderful lovely FOOD!

PATAT anyone?

more patat?

And for those who worry about difficulty in finding Halal food, “DON’t WORRY, BE HAPPY!” Because there are many muslims in that countries originating from Turkey ,Morocco and others. So there are many Halal butchers everywhere. Halal restaurant/food stalls, no problem! There are many HALAL foodstalls selling Kebabs, western , indonesian food and lots more! That is where we got this FANTABULOUS rack of baby ribs

Halal butchery

There are many “moskee”(mosque) too.
I love to see the Turkish kids in winter. Cause of their fair skin, the cold weather made their cheeks so rosy like tomatoes!And not forgetting their fresh fruits and BIG, CLEAN MARKETS.Other than they operate on certain days, u got to be patient because unlike Singapore where everything is fast paced, they take their time and are more relaxed even on busy days.


Cheese stalls

Fish Market

HALAL fried chicken/fast food in Rotterdam

Last but not least, the sweet memories will forever etched in my heart and my BIG tummy…(if u look carefully in the above picture, u will notice some fat fresh succulent fried sausages on the right. YUMMY!)Oh, and dont forget to try “TURKISH pizza”!!It is thin oven-baked pizza with lots of minced meat & yogurt sauce plus salad and u got to roll it up to eat it. Cannot find in singapore. closest is PIDE but even so it is still thick.SHIOK! Must try!(no pics, cause everytime I buy, immediately I eat it! no time to wait..Now u c it, now u dont!)

p.s: The Dutch love SATAY sauce and anything similar like GADO2, tahu goreng but normally cannot tolerate spicyness. Treat them to Singapore satay if they ever visit. Also take note that Indonesian stalls in Holland does not mean it’s muslim owned or HALAL. U gotta asked them cos mostly they have BABI KETJIAP (pork in soya sauce)

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  1. was browsing thorugh and found ur blog…
    wonderful. this post very helpful as going to holland next month or so. which part of holland is this?


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