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Goose eggs from Germany ,anyone?

Talking about my halal wish-list in previous post. I remembered, I actually have tasted fried goose egg in Germany. In order to get their egg, we need to feed them first…

Here goosy, goosy….

Just kidding! Actually,we saw this “sweetie granny” eggs stall in Germany.
I was very curious because the size is BIG! And so my mama, bought for me and fry the egg..1 goose egg=5 chicken eggs. I tried one mouthful and couldn’t swallow anymore. My DB has to finish it all UP. Very eggy ,i felt nauseous after that. Very different from chicken/duck eggs.
Anyway after all that, I chase after this “cute-lookin” bike in GERMANY.

I used to think that Germans are not that friendly after my first visit to their BIG city but I was wrong..I went again but to smaller towns and they are so friendly. Make me feel at home!

one of the town i went to-GELDERN

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