Fruity ROJAK


Fruity ROJAK, malay version..
Tried this rojak @ new malay stall in Hi-5 coffeeshop entrance@kitchener road. They also sell satay. The rojak ($3)is not bad with crunchy and spicy peanut sauce.Has some manggo, apple,and water apple (jambu air).Preferably if the price is $2.50 and if the doughsticks is crispier and the rojak sauce if less watery-it will be POWER! But for now, its average.

They also sell sate @50cents each(quite costly to me).They have mutton, beef, chicken and tripe.

But what i love about this stall is the coned ICE-cream ($1 ). They have 6 flavours, chocolate, chocolate chip, strawberry, strawberry with vanilla stripes, blueberry vanilla stripes…and the last flavour is..hmmm..forgot..

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