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Ikan termenung

What cha lookin’ at ,huh?!!
Read in the net that there is a place in Malaysia, where they queue up for “ikan termenung” curry. I was wandering.. What the “fish” is that? So my “kepo”ness in searching for the truth submerged victoriously. It is actually ikan kembung or mackerel.

Previously I wrote about mackerel but I used someone else’s pic (as a newbie I tot directing them to their web is suffice enough in using their pic but I was wrong.I need to ask for permission. My bad..) and so I decided to remove that blog and restart afresh. And so I went around scouting for ikan termenung and i found it! Where else, the Nasi Bawean lah….favourite …and their hot favourite other than the fish head asam pedam is “ikan assam” and they used ikan termenung! POWER! Trylah dont be shy….GUARANTEE ..u’ll be in TRANCE (termenung)

Note: don’t ever come on friday… the “busy”ness start as early as 10am for lunch! but if u need to and have to come on friday, bring a “kaki” (friend) to “chop” ur place/seats. Kiasu a bit lah.

Location: Nasi Bawean@ Desker Road (Little India area)

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