I’ve read the Harry Potter book. Fascinating. This is my first time, I read but i’ve watched all the movies. And so i do understand the plot. very magical..hmm…Became a fan overnight and will read the others soon. haha…i read the stories terbalik…backwards.

anyway,my fascination of fish head continues…
bought this @ Nasi Bawean @ only 11am and I’m the last customer for fish head. (I pity the others behind me.)This asam spicy sambal fish head of tenggiri fish cost $3.50 only! I wallop all it by myself! With the sambal belacan and kacang botol vegetables as ulam(eat raw like salad), that adds some zestiness and thus i was in a “trance” . While eating, my kids make the house a “MESS” but I’m still enjoying , savouring the moment in a trance mood…without a care… (but of course headache afterwards).
MALay salad-Kacang botol and sambal belacan

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