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a dummy in making TEMPOYAk..

I love DURIANs and TEMPOYAK! One day after many durian leftovers, I decided to make TEMPOYAK. mind u , this is my first attempt @ making this. And so I try doing it without any knowledge. TRying to surf the net but none can help. And so I searched my head for the recipe. I remember something like “salt and durian”. and so I did, I put durian flesh with seeds (??!!) in a container and seal. I read somewhere that it can even explode due to the accumulated gas emitted out. (YIKES!!)anyway, this is the 3rd day. I heard it must be at least a week…hmm…after doing all these, I found a site that teach how to make tempoyak (alamak?!!) click here for more info…

So i re-do it.
Steps in making tempoyak (fermented durian):
Take some durian, separate from seed. Add few tsp of salt and little sugar. Then beat it till fluffy. Keep in air-tight container for 4-7 days. After tempoyak is formed, keep refrigerated. Can be used for 2 weeks.

the first “dummy” tempoyak that I made earlier on,I use for cooking. Therefore, I have here with me “Sambal sardines tempoyak”. Surprisingly, it tasted GOOD! The tempoyak add some “electricity” into the sambal tumis!YUMMY!!

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