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Alhamdulillah…my halal wish-list

In this little country, I am very fortunate to get all kinds of varieties of scrumptious HALAL food! I am satisfied. Alhamdulillah(all praise to God). It seems to be growing like mushrooms all over singapore. Even if I cannot find any here, I can just catch a bus to the nearest country..Malaysia..or ferry to Indonesia.

But even so, what else would I like to see HALAL? How about some Roasted BBq RIBs?hmm…or porridge steamboat buffet or ……like UNIQUE seafood whereby they have large glass tanks with fresh humongous seafood and then after choosing u can ask them to cook in any way u like,kinda like a modern KELONG? Or like steamboat buffet with many varieties that stretch to few metres like the chinese seafood @ Marina SOuth which u can pay only less than $10? or how about HALAL geese meat?i saw somewhere in chinese stall ,there is goose rice..or halal Muthu curry fish head buffet?Yummy…the “OPERA” in my tummy is starting to play..

My tongue is quite a taster, if it is HALAL, I’m willing to try…Have tasted eel, fresh veal meat,ostrich meat,camel heart, rabbit satay,sheep, beef tendons(urat), mutton bak kut teh,goat’s brains (yucks!)lamb,snails,raw haring,couscous….I want to taste fried grasshopper..but ants, cockroaches or others, please KEEP away from ME! I’m not FEAR factor kinda foodie..only HALAL kinda foodie..

but so far so good..all these are the initiatives of people and their creativity and their generosity to fork out more money for HALAL certification and to employ muslim workers..and of course, the goal of filling up their own pockets with profits.Bravo!

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1 thought on “Alhamdulillah…my halal wish-list”

  1. U made me laugh reading this posting………..I’m a fussy and big eater that like to try anything new but sis, I think U deserve an award for this blog…….foodie traveller.

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