Why do Singaporeans go to Malaysia?

Other than SHOPPING…..

PASAR MALAMs food/hawker/make shift stall
This stall previously was called Mak Long..but changed to her daughter’s name now..Her food is of Kampung version of Nasi Padang.My dad just love her cooking! 6pm open til late night.Beside City Square Johor. And the same row as her, there is a SHIOK Mee REBUS. It’s gravy is thick and yummylicious and the crackers on top of it adds a PUNCH! POWER!!4.8 out of 5 stars!

Nasi Lemak stall @back alley @Jln Imbi (Kuala Lumpur).U can find such food in and around the golden triangle and its cheap!

(Previously BANNED in Singapore)But I heard gum-related/dental/anti-smoking chewing gums are sold in certain pharmacies in Singapore. Have not check that out though..

ROTI Canai

Malaysian Roti prata is much bigger than Singapore ones and are softer if u love Roti kosong. And 1 roti canai is enough to fillup my tummy if compared to singapore it will need at least 2 (1 kosong/plain and 1 telor /egg prata).

“MADE-in-MAlaysia” BURGERS such as BURGER RAMLY and OTAI Burger.

DUNKIN DONUTS(no more in SingaporE)

I just love these DONUTS! Very soft and SEDAAP! So far, no Donuts in singapore halal bakeries can BEAT that!Especially the ones with chocolate cream filled inside-“CHOC FUDGE” and “DOUBLE CHOC”-chocolate donut covered in chocolate! ooh..la.la.And it’s not costly.

BASKIN ROBBIN Ice-Cream. (No longer in Singapore)

DELICIOUS but PRICEY…RM17 for 3 scoops

Crusty pastry is injected with cold chocolate fresh cream inside YUMMY! SHIOK! 4.5 out of 5 stars!


Note: though the meat served is HALAL , some of the restaurants sell liquor to its patrons and some food are cooked in liquor e.g TGIF…

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