the best TAUHUEY….

Situated at short street near BANQUET Selegie. It’s open till late night. This is my number 1 beancurd and soya bean drink stall. It is creamy and non-diluted. the bean curd is soft and it melts in ur mouth. Very freshly made and sedap! So far, ive tasted all kinds and this is till the best! i’ve tried making my soyabean drink and end up I choked my sink with the soya bean bits hehe!Ever since, I’ve resigned myself to buy outside..

This is a makeshift soyabean stall in KL. It’s called I think “uncle Bean”.Anyway, they called tauhuey -“Tahu fah” but they understood when we said tauhuey. Delicious too but I still prefer my No.1 stall (above).

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