SHREK, how TASTY are u?

Taste the McDonalds teriyaki burger meal that cost $6.45 (without the shaker fries). GOOD! Tasted like chicken chop.Oat sprinkled bun, whole chicken thigh roasted with pepper sauce and fresh lettuce. YUMMY! 4 out of 5 stars. Didn’ try the seaweed shake though cause I tried this kind of “shake fries” previously and didnt like it. Tasted like someone put MAGGI mee seasoning on the fries. YUKS! so “once bitten twice SHY”.

A closer look….

My favourite is still SAMURAI burger-UNDESCRIBABLE! (it’s been ages since I last tasted one!!).Second is the mcpepper -very soft succulent peppery beef.

Thinking of the past….

I love working at McDonalds.I worked in one of the busiest branch during my secondary years for 3 years! Very FUN, very crazy, very enjoyable working moments. The people are great including my managers. We are like one big family. McDonalds care about its staff. Normally American company emphasized more on its staff happiness. That is what I like. Often, we smile while working. Not just for the sake of the job but cause it’sFUN and happy to work there. And they do things differently and they motivate one another. Not only they work hard but play hard too.We often have activities for staff team building and social skills.Anyway that was ages ago..

Now, when I see the crew.IT’s like different…nowadays and back then like very different, not so family-like. Not so many smiles. And the service seems to be downgrades omehow.

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