Selegie BANQUET part 2

Updated April 2008: Dpatah has informed me that this BANQUET branch is closed . Indeed it is closed, I’ve checked.

The latest fried chicken fenzy is HERE! May I present to you…”ROSIE’s CHICKEN!

it’s origin is AUSTRALIA. Now, it’s first branch in Singapore is situated @ BANQUET SELEGIE! The 3 pcs that I tried is cheaper than 3 pcs meal from KFC. it’s fruity coleslaw and frech fries with skin comes with the 3 hs 2 flavours-tasty and spicy. Both are good. U dont have to eat with the chilli sauce.Its’ good enough.

oh by the way, the chilli sauce itself is unique and different from the typical ones. I dont really like it but my DH does. i love the coleslaw ,very nice. It has vege and apples in orangey sweet sauce (like thousand island). As for the chicken the spicy is not so SPICY. I prefer the tasty. It’s taste are strong,saltish and flavourful as compared to KFC which is milder. Crispy and tender. The chicken are fried only when ordered so be patient for 10-15mins. They do have burger meals, wraps and chicken salads. Opens from 11am-3am.

I also tried the satay in the BANQUET SELEGIE. It cost about $0.50 per pcs. What I like about the satay here is that it is bbq to “Garing” (crispy..i think) not over cooked nor uncooked. very nicely done. I like the ketupat which is cut to bite size easier to eat esp for kids. Overall, ok not bad.

As I pass by to my seat, my eyes caught the teochew porridge counter and saw the menu that they also served freshly stewed fish. I saw fresh raw fish and sotong at its counter covered in ice. Very tempting but my tummy is reserved for chicken and satay.Hmm…next time…fish..

Porridge plus dishes (not those goey congee kind but just rice in water).3 dishes just $3.50.Their dishes are very tasty especially the black pepper chicken and the beancurd. Oh so yummy! Very tender. U can just slurp with the porridge. VERY tASTY!

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2 thoughts on “Selegie BANQUET part 2”

  1. hey! drove past dis Banquet branch towards Serangoon Rd just recently..
    noticed det it was closed.
    No idea if it was a permanent closure or not though..
    renovation perhaps?

  2. hmm .. they’re closed? for real? just when i was craving for teochew porridge.

    dear putri, do u have any idea where can i find teochew porridge?

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