Satay @ Kajang @ Haji Samuri (cab from putrajaya to KAJANG=RM25)

They have various kinds of satay. The shop that I went to have 8 varieties inclusive of ostrich, rabbits, deer, goat, chicken, beef, perut,hati… other stalls also have “tongkeng ayam..(not enough space to try that out)..

They will give u a BIG bowl of sauce and smaller bowl of not-so-spicysambal paste. It is different from Singapore satay. I prefer Singapore satay sauce with lots of big crunchy garing peanuts. As for chilli padi satay sauce, I prefered the JB LARKIN version (too bad they only have mutton)

My favourite has got to be the rabbit meat! It is similar to chicken but it has a chewy tender texture and unique taste. The deer meat is tender too similar to beef. Maybe after all there views,my expectations are very high.For me, one visit is enough. 4.0999 out of 5 stars!

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