Pumpkin in coconut..

First time I tasted pumpkin coconut gravy (masak lemak). It tasted like sweet potato and the gravy is mildly sweet and lemak.

This is not the spicy cili padi lemak. It’s a typical kampung lemak similar to Masjid sultan area nasi padang stalls but better. Tenderlicious chicken drumstick in coconut milk.
eh, by the way..have u heard about virgin coconut oil? People seems to assume that anything regarding coconut is hazardous to health if taken in large quantity. But recently they found out that coconut oil do have their benefits especially the virgin coconut oil. It is said to anti-viral ,anti-bacterial and high contents of lauric acid which can also be found in mother’s milk.. Also, pregnant mommy ,if u want to have an easier delivery of baby, take a spoonful of coconut oil everyday in the 3rd trimester. Insya-Allah,very smooth and fast delivery -old people say.

Hard boiled egg in sweet sambal. This sambal has lots of onions and it is said the more onions in sambal the merrier because the onions enhance its natural sweetness in the sambal.

And where did I buy all these?!! Where else except no.1 Nasi padang (in my list) Sheikh Najib Nasi Lemak stall! @ rowell/desker rd! And also cause its open till late 3pm-3am. I think …maybe their cooks are from Malaysia judging from the Malaysian radio channel they always play. If only, I could cook like that!!

Oh by the way, Sunday they only sell Nasi Lemak, kueh and mee goreng and not Nasi Padang dishes… 🙁

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