Prata with SHIOK rendang!

This shop is closed.

Few units away from Nazreen (famous for Briyani)near farrer park MRT there is this new stall in a coffeeshop. This stall sells nasi padang dishes from lunch time (updated-8/8/07) onwards. Tried the rendang. The best so far! Think it cost about $2-2.50 per pcs. the gravy is thick and has bits of meat on them. Eat with pipping hot prata kosong. Heavenly.. 5 STARs for the rendang!

Tried the sambal goreng. Its simple with only long beans and tempeh sweet sambal with coconut shreds like urap. Yummy! Will try their other dishes..later..

UPDATED!! (sept 07)

Tsk..tsk!! No more rendang! No more malay dishes…taken over by indian dishes maybe different owner… is it me or is it a coincidence, but it seems that most stalls that I commented on, …always cease to operate/change of owners/menu change/move/closed down after that…hmm…where to find POWERFUL rendang?

I will insya-Allah do the “CLASH of RENDANGs” where I will find the most powerful rendang to replace what I’ve lost…soon…

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