Pizza Burger ?!!

Updated 2010: NO longer Halal? Do check the authenticity of the Halal cert display (if any) whenever wherever before ordering/consumption.

Pizza burger from New york Pizza .$3.90 It’s a bread bun size of a palm that has cheese, tomato paste and mince meat baked’s a PIZZA inside a bun. This pizza stall is located @ HArbourfront centre 2nd floor. It’s yummy! Especially when u munch on the burger as the cheeze oozes out into ur mouth.SHIOK!

Their pizzas are GOOD if they add more ingredients. And their chicken wings are delicious especially the very spicy ones. If u order a set, u get one triangular pizza plus canned drink and chicken wing for about $6-$7..

But whatever u ordered , dont order their Hawaiian pizza. To me, it’s not worth it. Try the one with beef. I used to frequent them 1 year back. But eversince their ingredients seems to be lesser and lesser. It’s no longer SEDAP. Pizza need lots of ingredients and if its limited at least, u cannot limit on the basics-CHEESE?!!

Below is the pizza, if u look carefully, there are some “botak” areas. No need to count their ham, just look out for the pathetic cheese on my pizza. The pizza burger itself has more cheese than the pizza.

And , u got to wait awhile for the pizza. So after u order, try shopping at BIG or take a walk and collect the pizza in about 30mins later. Overall -3.5999 out of 5 stars! (It’s cheaper than going to pizza hut and better than instant pizza in supermarket)

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