Before, the price hike due to GST probably, I used to enjoy $2.50 breakfast and Mustafa cafe. I tconsist of 2 kaya toast, 1 big hashbrown (bigger than mcdonalds) , a cup of coffee/tea and 1 triangular fried egg. NOW it’s $3 -still as GOOD.

Next I enjoy most is the FISH and chips. Cost previously about $4. 2 fish plus fries and mini salad/vege. I think, they only fry the fish when I ordered. It’s crispy, freshly fried and tender inside. But since it’s rise in price , I have not try it again. Furthermore, it’s always crowded. But I bet it’s still finger licking GOOD! More additions of menu, I saw CURD RICE, VEGE PIZZA, DUM Briyani (not bad)…

Overall- nice food if u are in a hurry or just need something to cover the hunger pangs temporarily. Or just to chit-chat relax with ur friends and do some people watching. hehe!

fyi- do u know there is a postal singpost service at the basement 2 of Mustafa centre? I think it closes late. It open at 10.30 am till late. Just a mini one but similar services are provided too. It’s in the toys department near the computer software section.

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