Mee Goreng POWER!

Situated beside S11.This Mamak 24 hours stall seems a newly furbished restaurant that offers typical mamak hawker fare like mee goreng, roti prata, dosai, rojak, mutton chop and nasi ayam.

WE went there 2X. Once in the evening about 5pm and then in the morning about 9am.Both days they serve all the above food even for breakfast as early as 9am! The dishes that I would recommend is the MEE goreng. It taste delicious and it has generous heaps of mutton bits and egg and taugeh and it’s YUMM yumm!

I don’t really fancy mee goreng but this really TASTE good. I even tapow home some.Wash it down with some teh tarek. U got to “kacau” (stir) the tea before u drink and it will taste Great!

Also, other food such as nasi ayam, dosai and roti prata (they only made the prata when u order) are all not bad. 4 out of 5 stars!

As for the rojak, it’s okay but prefered if there are more meaty choices.e.g paru.

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