Lemak Pucuk Ubi dengan tempoyak (fermented) durian

Past 1 year been wanting to search for tempoyak. Even during my pregnancy years.But to no avail. Even tried to “tempoyak” the durian myself but I think never worked out rite. hehe!

Recently, been to Sheikh Najib’s Nasi Lemak at Rowell Road.My DB bought lemak Pucuk Ubi cause it’s my favourite. But when I tasted it, I thought it went bad then I sniff2 again, it smelt like durian. My DB smile at my antics…and agreed with me that it MUST be tempoyak! Cannot ask the owner cause we tapow it home.But confirmlah..

Alhamdulillah..bila di cari tak nampak, bila tak cari,muncul di depan mata (when sought cannot be found but when not, it appears like magic)…

Anyway, as u taste more, SHIOK..felt like I’m in KAMPUNGlah..eat with the ikan bilis nasi lemak..like Nasi Lemak berlauk. This place is utterly amazing. No need to travel far. The dishes cooked will DISAPPEAR fast! Also the food has gain more marks from me 4.889 out of 5 stars! OPEN 3pm-till 3AM!! The BESTEST NASI PADANG dishes in the Lt India Area @ night! They often have different varieties of dishes everyday. Today dish might not appear tomorrow. So it depends on luck. ehehe!

MUST TRY!! U have not ventured to Little India till u TASTE the “NOTORIOUSLY sedap” Malay dishes of SHEIK NAJIP’s shop.
Wish my mum could taste it with me….

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  1. Assalamualaikum
    I thought tempoyak just in Indonesia (Palembang)but there is in Malay…


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