Laksa leaves /daun kesum

Polygonum , or called vietnamese coriander,”pak pai” in thai, “daun kesum” in malay or easily known as “laksa leaves” have many benefits, it is said to fortifies blood, powerful anti-oxidant capacity with great potential. As …
what this site adds on
:for indigestion, constipation, as a remedy for stomach pains and after childbirth.

Anyway it’s beautiful scent is incredible! I love to smell it. Its’ normally used in dishes like LAKSA and asam pedas locally. Around ASIA, everyone seems to love using this fragrant leaves in their cooking esp. Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino…

WEll today felt a bit “mual”..need some kinda of sourish dishes. And since it’s a hot and dry weather so spicy tomyam or asam pedas is out of the question. Furthermore, its a dish for all ages. So I decided to cook ayam in “singang” (asam broth)with laksa leaves. Sounds funny? hahah! That is for BP mama to tryout! Add some crushed GALANGAL for added PUNCH!

The result is…

And my son LOVES it and ask for second helpings!(every son surely love their mama’s cooking,rite? hehe!)

Another favourite and very IMPORTANT herb is “Centella Asiatica” Gotu Kola Leaf or called pengaga..that will be displayed later on..insya-Allah.

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