KTM Premier Night deluxe to KL

This is the most expensive class amongst the others in KTM.But if are expected to be served like a royal, dream on. I think the class is similar to 3 star hotel. Although stated toiletries provided, none is given even towel also dont have. Overall, cleanliness is satisfactory. But for overly cautious, just bring along ur DETTOL spray.

Its a small aircon room with double decker bed ,shower and toilet and tv (2 RAIL channels only). It’s costly in Singapore, so for half the price, buy ticket in Malaysia and aboard it from JB. The journey took about 7 hours(longer than bus journeys)U can book online. Kids below 4 -no need to pay.Prices – Upper bed:RM106 lower bed: RM126. If u are travelling alone and prefer to be alone in that room, they can accomodate to that.

They provide fried rice for dinner plus mineral bottle drink and bread plus hot drink for breakfast.If u are particular about food, buy your own food.But it is much,much better than first class seat in KTM cause u wake up felt refreshed after sleeping in a comfy bed and u have privacy too. U can convert the bed to a comfy chair after that. For more info click here

NOTE: if u are travelling KTM from singapore to KL or any states and returning home via different transport e.g bus or aeroplane,PLEASE keep your KTM ticket because normally there won’t be stamp in ur passport and when u want to go back home, u need to show the immigration ur KTM ticket when asked or else they think u are an illegal immigrant! Remember to keep ur KTM ticket…

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