On my way to TEKka Market, my nose always smell this wonderful curry, spices scent….from this shop :

Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant
#01-16662 Buffalo Road, 210662
Tel: 62911164

But is it HALAL? Tried to find in MUIS Halal Directory but cannot find. The customers ate with their hands on the banana leaves as their plates (i peep thru the windows). Look so sEDAPP…

But they also sell vegetarian and non-vegetarian including chicken, fish and mutton although at separate counters they are in 1 restaurant.

If Chinese vegetarian (non-halal certified) , I wont’ be eating them cause of the rice wine and other “alcohol” that they like to add in their dishes though they do not have meat. As for indian vegetarian, is it the same too? Anyone with knowledge please clarify my doubts…10q!

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