How to cook Curry ….my way..

1)First fry all the spices in a tablespoon of oil till there is a beautiful fragrance emitted out.. (cinnamon,cardamom,fenugreek,star aniseed..)then add the curry leaves (I’ve run out of curry leaves)

2) fry lots of chopped onions (3-5 big onions)and garlic (2 cloves)

3) Mix 2-3 tablespoons of curry powder (i like alagappas/babas)with 2 tablespoonful of chilli powder with water till it become a paste.

4) Fry together with the onions till “garing” (note: U must add more oil to cook/fry the whole curry paste. Later u can remove the oil.)

Add in the meat (500grams of beef/mutton/chicken). Fry for a few minutes so that the meat will “mesra” with the curry. then add in 2 cupful of water (if u want diluted curry , add more water.I prefer thick curry.)

Cook in small flame. Although it takes time, the meat tasted better. I took about 1-2hour to cook 1 kg or more in this curry.It cn apply to chicken too. Trust me, if u have the patient to allow ur meat/chicken cook slower and longer, the results will be rewarding and yummylicious GOOD!

So far, my gas bills are not affected. I’m not using the LPG but the inbuilt gas by citygas. i’ve heard that if u use claypot or toher erthern ware, it is more YUMMYLICIOUS!

I did not use any coconut milk or evaporated milk or yogurt because I want the curry to last for few days. Curries tasted better as the days prolong.

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