HJH NEMAH Nasi Padang stall part 2…

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Blinking Text The old couple is not there and now I see a younger lady and the taste of the food is different.The price also changed. What is left is just memories and the FAMOUS stall name board.
——————–updated aug17,2007.

Tried the Mee Siam today @ Hjh Nemah stall at North Bridge road . SEDAP! SHIOK! $2 worth it every drop of gravy with whole hardboil egg .

A better picture of the FAMOUS nasi sambal goreng here…


My tongue ventured to the neighbouring stalls. This drink stall sells one of the SHIOKIEST frothy coffee (the froth was quite tall until my son put his itchy fingers in the froth and kinda lick it!!). Additional sardines curry puff -40cents each will put u to another dimension. It’s filling is so “moisture” not dry and sedap. Not so spicy. The skin is puffy soft too! 4.5 out of 5 stars!! A definite tongue wagging!

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