Goodbye my SWEET….

memories…My old flame….

Dear Kallang Stadium,
U have always been there.
U brought happiness
At times tears to the eyes
U lit the country with fireworks,
U stood tall as we sang the national anthem
Goodbye, dear friend…good bye..
It has been great knowing u.

U got to have lots of stamina to stand long AND WALK UP MANY steps in this tour which lasted about 2.5 hours. 2 timings only-10am/2.30pm. Also a digicam and videocam (if possible). Very nostalgic-This stadium will disappear in a month time. *so sad*

Anyway interesting facts derived from the tour:

-Do u know that kungfu martial arts originate from India whereby an indian monk decided to teach the chinese monks this martial art skill cause they seems weak…something like that.

-Also do u know that in the olden days, Singaporean excel in badminton and that we actually teach Indonesia..and then see what happens? They over EXCEL us! MARvelous..

-Singapore won the first and last Malaysian cups and total 19 matches out of 37 matches.

-PReviously the stadium’s location is kallang airport.

and lots more…cannot remember..anyway, it is great info and we got to places like GRAND STAND for VIPS, where previous sultans sat during the Malaysian cups and also the Micheal JAckson room when he was performing in singapore (we cannot see the interior though), the “cauldron” the olympic torch fire…the physiotheraphy room, gyms for singapore athletes….and also a real old-timer first hand account of athletes in their HEy-days! U got to go , dont MISS IT!! Similar to Holland’s stadium tour. But u need to pay, this one is FREE! Just call up at the above number.

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