Been looking and surfing thru website checking out the KELONGS of malaysia and indonesia for FRESH SEAFOOD and hearing their comments, my saliva has flooded the living room. And so I thought of fulfilling this in SINGAPORE.

In singapore, it’s difficult to find LIVE GAROUPA in AQUARIUM. One thought that came to my mind is the one at Changi road. I am not really a fAN of FISH especiallyin seafood restaurants cause to me, it is very grumblesome (who wants to remove thebones for me?), very EXPENSIVE and very little flesh. But my DB reminces the past where he use to have crispy garoupa in sweet and sour often when he was young. Hmm..

So I surprised him when I suggested going there. Anyway,looking at DB eating the fish spick and was “PRICELESS”…

but then again later when I see the bill- it was ..EXTREME but when i remember how my DB lick the bones and suck every juice of it, PRICELESS!! My DB don’t really fancy fish but this fish is one of his favourite. To him, it was DELICIOUS..

to ME…

drinks -lime and manggo juice
dishes -rice, fried garoupa in sweet sour ($26 for small) and

fried thai rice =fried rice with soya sauce and chicken and little cili and some vege, cucmber and tomato- $4.50

Overall, to me 2.5 out of 5 stars.
The garoupa is fresh but the sauce overwhelms the actual sweetness. I waited so long for the THAI fried rice (from thailand, maybe?) and expect it to be piping HOT but it’s not. It taste GOOD but then after halfway, I felt MUAK cause too much soya sauce , I think.

After this, I will definitely find a KELONG seafood restaurant…

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