for all the tired MaMAs out there…

After my second pregnancy, I’ve been very tired and lethargic. Even though i went for massage or reflexology, I will be ok but few days later, i will be tired and lethargic. Tried supplements e.g spirulina and it helps a bit. Tried “detox” myself but it doesn’t work. Possibly cause could be i did not rest enough during my 44 “pantang” days after pregnancy.In fact I broke it earlier and have to leave for Malaysia for certain reason. And this is the RESULT.

Anyway, i just “buat bodoh” and do my everyday chores as usual. And then I decided to try this IgG Natural Colostrum Powder from NACO.It is certified HALAL.Quite costly about $68 for monthly intake of one sachet per day. but luckily,my auntie is member so we got it @ discounted price. Actually,I know about this milk ages ago. My mum has been pestering me to take this for a very long time. I am a sceptical person and normally dont believe this kind of tales/stories of people who had stroke or other major ailments are slowly recovering after 5-10 sachets.

anyway , my experience..
the first day, i felt nausea. subsequently, 2nd till 3rd day,I felt fatigue and drowsy. 4th day onwards i felt light and energetic. My metabollic rate is increasing too! I felt hungry easily but I’m easily satisfied with small meals. My weight is lowering. But the best is that I felt so LIGHT and ENERGETIC!No more pains or fatigue. I can do household chores,jumpin jacks, dancing and aerobics after that?!! hehee! Felt like SUPERMOM!

This is what I’ve been searching for..And the whole family tried it. My DB has fever as its response and then later he felt as light as me and is losing weight too! My son also loves it (but kids can drink little only-about teaspoon of the sachet)

It states that so far,people has stroke can move,those with stones in bladder somehow after drinking it,it dissapears slowly and is flushed out of the system..elderly people who is weak..can move faster..

anyway, in the market, there are many kinds…there are tabletting form too. U can find them in Mustafa centres.. but most do not have HALAL. Even though the ingredients look harmless , there is this magnate sterate or something like that it is derived from beef unless stated origin is “was2”..

so the best is this HALAL IgG colostrum powder which is easily absorped by the body. try it today. It will change ur health. try it for a better YOU! (eh like Tv advertisement!hehehe!)Also for nursing mom like me, try it for ur BABY’s health will be rewarded too!

NOTE: This is not a “paid advertisement” but my own reviews.

Precaution -is to mix the sachet in warm water(not more than 50 deg and boiling water is OUT) and to use non-metallic utensils e.g clay, plastic for cups and stirrer.

Also within few days, there will be reactions such as fever, fatigue,drowsy,itching,nausea, frequent urination…..All these occur for a short time and will disappear. It is said that this is due to healing/replacement of tissues and discharge of toxins and regenrating and restoring cells.

Also the seller told me that i should drink on empty stomach before sleep or right after I woke up. It is also effective if u want to slim down(this is true, I witness my big roly poly aunt of mine to slimmer slender figure)

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