Fast Food in Malaysia

Believe it or NOT…
Normally when I go to Malaysia, I wouldn’t care less about their fast-food restaurants that are HALAL and easily available in Singapore..e.g KFC or McDonalds.I thought all tasted the same.

Until one day, I just pop in for a tea-break…@ McDOnalds in Subang Jaya. I tasted their Chicken Porridge..YUMMY DELICIOUS but small. and their OOHH…soft sponge like muffin with melted cheese and chicken sausage.Of all my 3 years career in McDOnalds, I have not tasted anything like this.SO SEDAAP… 4.89 out of 5 stars!

Their CRISPY spicy Chicken is MUCH,much better than KFC Malaysia/S’pore. Must tRY! 4.85 out of 5 stars! But of course original FLAVOUR of Malaysia KFC BEATS the MCDOnalds (both Malaysia & S’pore) and KFC singapore.

CONS: Tasted their banana pie though but it tasted like apple pie instead.Difference-there are bits of banana in the pie. No need to buy also can.


KFC’s latest cheesy BBQ MELTZ promotion..I’ve missed this promo in S’pore and I’m glad I did. Cause I won’t taste in Malaysia if I didn’t. Heavenly cheesy melts in the mouth with chunks of chicken and lots of tomato bits 4.899 out of 5 stars!!

REMEMBER:Die-die MUST try KFC original chicken and nuggets in KFC Malaysia!!!

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