I love DURIANS! All kinds,bitter sweet, brown, red, yellow, malaysia, thailand…ALL I love! the best is when we bought a BIG BASKET of durians for $20 from Geylang road.(they got a whole stretch of durian stall along it) and drove back home. the balance u can make kueh or make tempoyak (fermented durian). I tried to make tempoyak on my own..I read somewhere that u just add salt and durian meat and covered it tightly for few days without refrigeration. But somehow , doesnt turn out so end up in the dustbin.

As for foreigners, who would like to taste it, dont buy the cheap one. Buy the big, juicy yellow one EXPENSIVE one ($20-$30 per durian)..or branded one like D24 or better still the thailand one (not so “smelly”). i know it’s costly but that is what happen to an Ang Moh acquaintance. he tried the cheap one and hate it. Then one day, in malaysia, his friends treated him to an expensive one and immeditely he LOVE IT! Funny but true. Later he get accustomed and be able to like all kinds of durian especially the cheap ones.

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