Cheapest drink and ice-cream

Opposite Mustafa centre , there is one of the most cheapest vending machine drink. It cost from 60-70cents per drink in cup or can. It’s in a hindi school. I dunno whether we public are allowed to buy , but we did anyway. VEry cheap!!

Secondly, in Sheng Shiong, there is an ice-cream that is similar to MAGNUM. It’s brand is CREMOS and it is HALAL. It is the pirated version but it is GOOD. Unlike its original RIVAL- it cost only 70cents but if u buy 2 -$1 only!! SEDAP!! Only 2 flavours- vanilla and chocolate. Prefer the chocolate. 4.5 out of 5 stars. When I crave for MAGNUM but my pocket has $1 or less, I will run to SHeNG SHIONG. There was a time, 2 elderly ladies bought almost all the ice-creams BORONG maybe. I think about many, many…uncountables. And so it runs out. So if u see it , faster buy it cause it will disappear soon.

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