Beef Noodle @ BANQUET clifford centre

Clifford Centre

24 Raffles Place
#B1-08 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
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Been craving for BEEF noodle for about a year eversince the Beef Noodle stalls @ Jurong Pt and Parkway parade close shop. We were told that Malays do not know how to eat them. There is some truth in there. If not for my chinese friends recommending me, I thought it would be just another similar Mee hongkong version.

The beef noodle I knew (dry version is my favourite) is in dark thick sauce top with succulent juicy thin tender beef meat. And I will eat with lots of chilli sauce /garlic plus lime juice squeeze on it!

But to my dismay, the one I went to at clifford centre is not up to standard. Something is missing and the gravy is kinda diluted. The chilli itself is diluted taste more like chilli boh. No lime neither garlic. All seems so SALAH (wrong taste) IS it because we went in the evening close to closing time or the gravy has been used up by tons of office workers at lunch time? NAh…I think if ur food is good, even to the last drop it has to be good. I guess I will go here only if I really, really CRAVE for a pregnant woman craving or else, I will give it a go. I tried doing it but something is missing. I read that u need to use black bean. I si true. If it is,then that must be the missing ingredient in my recipe. I will try again. I try to sought the recipe in the internet..but no one said about black bean..hmm..

So with the disappointment, I ordered chicken chop for my son. I hope it will perk us up. THe food was so-so to me because the chicken is rubbery and a bit burnt even the fries. The beans seems like the cheap-imitation canned-the one cost 50 cents at SHeng SHiong.

for the beef noodle- 0.99 out of 5 stars
1.99 out of 5 stars for the western food. CIAO!

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