Bedok Corner's HALAL "Oh LUAK"

Heard about this stall and wanted to do a try-out. Am a fan of chinese food since young. Tried one when I was in my teens. My Chinese friend had her family cooked one for me using Halal ingredients and “OH BOY!.It was sure YUMMY!

Also ordered Kway teow with cockles just for fun. Alongside 2 BBQ chicken and lime juice. Brought back some fried bananas too!

Anyway for the oysters, there were about 7 pieces and most of it is is the eggy starchy omelette. And little spring onions. The oysters were small and juicy. But I dont really like the omelette. Over all-2.45 out of 5 stars. The chilli is good though.

The kway teow is so-so and has about 5-7 small cockles.. I’ve tasted better in Banquet Ang Mo Kio and Vivocity. Total cost of kway teow and oyster -$8. I think oyster is $5 and kway teow is $3.

The BBQ chicken used to be VERY good! I’m good at chicken esp. BBQ cause my favourite since young. I’ve been burning my mum’s toaster oven with all my chicken experiments. hehe!!This stall, the only HALAL BBQ chicken there USED to be good. (i’m repeating myself, aren’t I?-note there is a gist of regret) In the old Bedok corner, it used to be GOOD…I love it, cause I think they bbq only when ordered, the previous chicken was so fresh, juicy , succulent and YUMMY! THe cili sauce complement the meal plus the juice of lime adds flavour to it. I dont mind waiting 15-20mins for it. But now, I saw it has been bbq already. CAuse i saw many chicken wings standing in the skewers all COOKED-up! from 4.55 stars degrade to 2.99 stars out of 5 stars!

The standard has dropped. BOO-hoo!! So sad. I came from far ..and wont be back only when I pass by. That will be one in a million chance.

As for the fried bananas (the only halal stall there)used to have many varieties. All kinds. But I got to buy pisang kepok only. It is still hot and crunchy. SEDAP! I think too ALL finished!
4 out of 5 STARS!!

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