Bbq Stingray in JB..CHEAP & GOOD!

I’ve often come to this place for Ikan pari bakar (BBQ stingray) (RM$12 small), fried bananas RM2, fried tongkeng RM1, Kambing soup RM4(tendon/urat) . It is like “pasar malam” /bazaar of make-shift stalls. For those very hygienically cautious..then no need to continue reading. This place used to be lots worse cause it used to be beside a big LONGKANG! It was called “Sungei Segeh” I think. Now they move @ back alleys (better but similar condition) opposite the customs in Malaysia JB/beside City Square. Opening hours : Evening(about 5pm) till late night.
Anyway, the food is GOOD! If u know which stall to go to..

Fried “tongkeng” a.k.a chicken backside (but actually not the backside where the “shit” came out..)Get it?!Anyway, there is an old saying that eating lots of tongkeng will make u look younger. Maybe collagen? So u will look young and invigorating. hehe!

Anyway, there is this kakak that fry all chicken parts (incl. tongkeng) and quail bird. Her chicken coating is nice and Malaysian chicken is always tasty. Maybe they are not as “pampered” as Singapore ones..hehe! (alamak!9.30pm 6.6.07 Heard from the news..Selangor chickens are banned from singapore temporary due to bird flu)

Even the KFC there is much,much TASTY! If u dont believe,u try KFC beside the Putripacific hotel (inside the convention centre JB)SHIOK! Very different! Of course try original flavourlah, the spicy ones cannot beat singapore. Also if they have nuggets and chicken chop, buy them also! SO soft and tender and juicy! 4.79 out of 5 stars!

Anyway, the fried bananas with spicy cilipadi soya sauce is a TERROR! So PEDAAS!! Must TRY at least once in a lifetime! Eyes wellup in tears but tummy adamant to wallop them all!

Kambing soup is shiok especially the URAT (tendons) very springy (spore dont have!) , pipi(cheeks)is soft, the legs-soft and can suck shiokly! U can ask for mixture too! But for the faint hearted , dont try the BRAINs..I tasted one is enuff! Tasted soft like tofu. But taste cannot describe. Trylah..then u know..

Oh yeah, if u want BIG,JUICY TONGKENG go to bazaar/market every monday at Pontian bus interchange as early as 9-10am till afternoon. U wont regret!


tempeh cilli /fried fermented beancurd in chilli

Assortments of HALAL pastries and famous coffee bun!

CHEAP and GOOD!try,try…MUST TRY…but after that must EXERCISE!! (especially me, Putri buncit..)

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