BBQ chicken D-I-Y

SIMPLE STEPS to my BBQ chicken..

Wash the chicken in vinegar/lemon juice/asam to get rid of the “hanyir”smell

Marinating 5oo grams of chicken wings with
1)chopped garlic, oyster sauce,sweet soya sauce and lemon juice..
2)dark soya sauce, olive oil and crushed garlic and lemon juice
3)garlic, olive oil and crushed spices (instant crushed rosemary,thyme..sold in supermarket)
4)honey ,lemon and crushed garlic & ginger
5)instant bbq sauce sold in market

Marinate at least 30mins to half a day (the longer the better)..
Ready for BBQ.

As for me, i just let the chicken wings bbq for few minutes to get the smoky flavor and then i roast it @ oven. Because I’m in a flat thus cannot bbq too long or else my neighbours will call the fire engine also my son cannot “tahan” ..kept asking me when ready?

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