I bet there are many DELICIOUS CHILLI crabs all around Singapore. But as a SAHM, my duty is to SCOUT around for the MOST ECONOMICAL but GASTRONOMICALLY Yummylicious CHILLI CRABS!

My first CHOICE and has been coming back AGAIN and again is
Kampung ChaiChee Seafood (not the one that was previously from Tampines but the one that was longer at changi road.)

Anyway, to me their CHILLI CRAB is SHIOK!! Very spicy, sedaap, a lot of crabs, FRESH and CHEAP! Small about $20 and jumbo about $50 can feed 7 or more, i think? Cause we ordered Jumbo for 5 people but cannot finish, can TAPOW . So far,most of the HALAL seafood , one crab is $30. But $20 , 2-4 people can eat…But for me, if at home, I canMAKAN alone quietly slowly , my own sweet time. Outside ,a bit shy but when the craving comes, who CARES, bedal sajer… butnot with rice,just the crabs..slurping , licking the juices from the shells..YUMMY!! Anywaythe gravy is great and eat with bread. Not so OILY nor is it too EGGy (from lots of eggs) Just nice sweetness, salt and sourness. 4.5 out of 5 stars! A must TRY!

Second is the Mr Teh Tarek food court at Geylang open 24 hours beside the Joo Chiat Building. The chilli crab for 1 crab is only $12!! And the picture is as shown above.
SEDAP also. 4 out of 5 stars!

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