VICKS VAPORUB..stop cough thru the feet?!?!

Recently, I’ve wandered into unknown blogs and found some interesting facts. My cousin’s baby has been coughing even though been to the doctor for 2 X. It’s not so bad but during sleeping time, he will cough continuously at times. I felt helpless…

And so as I wander aimlessly like a “blog musafir” , I came upon an interesting facts shared by a lot of mothers all over the world..”Rub vaporub on the soles of ur baby feet when he’s sleeping @ nite and cover it with loose socks. The cough will disappear.”

If u are unsure to try it, try goggle search and u will find out that there are many moms in different parts of the world doing it.For sure, I will suggest to my auntie to try it tonite,insya-Allah.

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