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SCRUMPTIOUS crunchilicious CURRYPUffs…

TRY IT out!!


1) Sheikh Najib NAsi Lemak shop at Desker road
BIG Curry puffs
-Potato plus egg -4 STARS
-Spicy Sardine plus LOTS Of onions -3.5 STARS
Each cost about 50-70cents

2) Parkway Parade Banquet
BIG Curry Puffs
-Potato plus egg tasted like Roti Boyan-3.5 stars
-Lots of Sardine and some onions- not dry..4.5 stars (A must try!!)
Each cost about $1.Also dont forget to taste it’s ONDEH2 -soft and JUICY inside. Oozing goodness just drool over ur tongue as u munch it.

3) Blk 50 Dorset Road @ Mamak shop (weekdays morning or 12 pm: get it before school ends cause there wont be any sardine puff left!)
Small Curry puff cost 30 cents each (HALAL)
– Spicy potatoes
-Spicy Sardines little onions (SEDAP! 4.5 out of 5 stars!-A MUST TRY!!)
p.s: U can try the Dosai there – sedap , very homemadely!!

Only during school days (MON-FRI)-6.45am and 11.45am (2 BIG BOX of freshly fried curry puffs)Sat-only morning, sunday(dont’ have).Other than dosai, the mamak uncle said there are 5 different kind of breakfast sold. Very popular.

4)Another new addition
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This is near HJH Nemah Nasi sambal goreng stall @ lavender hawker centre. 4 out of 5 stars!Dont forget to order some great teh tarek or coffee from the same stall. SHIOK!

5)Chicken curry puffs (spicy with hardboiled egg inside)@Selera@Mackenzie road.(Also I LOVE their duck rice!)

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