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Some of my favourite Western food are OYSTERS and Roasted meats especially RIBS! Marinating it is simple. Using few herbs (rosemary,olive oil,garlic,thyme) and salt and pepper. The longer u marinate the better it will taste.Roast it for 2 hours and u will get a wholesome tender bbq ribs.U can use the leftover fats to make into an awesome gravy.Just add a lil bit of cornstarch,add some seasonings and stir till it thicken under low fire pan.

As for Oysters, the fresher the better. I eat it raw with some lemon. The problem is shackling it. To open it, take a longer period then eating it. One SLURP! and it’s gone! I saw a man shackle Oysters in Belgium like as if it’s so EASY like ABC. I looked at him astounded.It’s a SKILL to be learnt!

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