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Ngoh HIANG @ Mackenzie $2.50 only!!

Previously, REX MacKenzie is famous for chicken rice and NOW with additional NEW HAWA chicken rice stall, and Cameroon stall changed their name to NEW generation chicken rice(Certified HALAL now!) has broughtback the good old days.

What I liked about Cameron chicken rice stallis the NGOH HIANG/spring Roll. IT cost $2.50 freshly served with black sauce. 4 stars out of 5 stars! As for the rest, I love the roasted duckrice. $4 but if only they are more generous in its serving. It’s different than its neighbour SELERA shop . But SELERA do give generously to its serving at the same price. YUMMY too!

WARNING: For a newbie like me, when I wasserved witha plate of cashew nuts, Ithought “Eh, I eat them while waiting for my food.: But be WARNED!They are not cheap. It cost $1.90. Even if u taste a bit. Its best to tell them that u do not want at all”.

For me, I rather go to NEW HAWA chicken rice for steam chicken cause they are more JUICY and its CHEAP! $3-more rice and chicken than CAMEROON which cost $3.50..

So all in all.. 4 STARS!!!
2)steamed chicken rice/seafood fried rice –NEW HAWA
3) HALAL roasted duck rice- SELERA

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