Navy Open House 2007

Left home at 12pm.Reached Expo @ 12.45pm. Waited in Queue for 1.5 hrs before security check and 20-30 min ride shuttle bus journey to the Navy Open house at Changi. Waited in a big aircon space plus some music, tv and display of boats and torpedoes.Not so bad. But poor seniors and small kids! Though exhausted, my son was SO excited to see the big SHIPS kept asking me “where? When and hurry, I want to see the big SHIPS!!”

Anyway reached there , very HOT!. First view at the entrance was a very big Landing Ship Tank. So we just queue to get in. Another 1 hour of waiting. When we enter the majestic ship.It was brilliant! Small and narrow though. But a great experience. I’ve visited the Queen Elizabeth 2

when it landed here. My overseas friends brought us to a tour. SO GIGANTIC! Then in Holland, I went for an old ship tour too. So all in all, I’ve been to 3 ship tours!! YIPEE!

Anyway, to our SURPRISE, we went lower and lower in their tiny stairases into a big space where a FCU was waiting for us(sort of smaller ship within a ship)I was so HAPPY. I never expected that. But then my happiness was shortlived! My baby was not permitted to join us cos he cannot stand up yet. So,disappointing!

After that tour,time passes fast! it’s almost 4pm!And we have not done our solat yet. We hurried to EXPO to do our zuhur at the second level. no time to pursue other interests and the funfair.Upon reaching there , I saw large group of people cannot attend the open house cause it’s queue is closed already. So sad 🙁

WAH! Very headache! At EXPO, more zillions of people non-stop flooding the area cause they have many exhibitions e.g food,indonesian fair, furniture, MPHbook sale… and spongebob in town..

WE immediately get on a cab and race back home for a quick dinner at MacKenzie.
So that’s my first encounter at a NAVY OPEN HOUSE.

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