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One of the BEST MARKETS in Singapore is TEKKA MARKET!! If u were to explore this market, it will be endless! I think it is very time consuming cause everything is worth discovering! And some of the BEST BARGAIN R here!

Food at Tekka market is one of the best. These are some of my favourites.

Update: This stall is no longer around.
First is the HAJI JOHAN NASI PADANG -a stall full of malay rice and dishes, LONTONG KERING (similar to RAYA dry lontong dishes) and to me the BEST is LONTONG POWER!!!(updated7/8/07 -closed already, replace with briyani rice stall)

LONTONG POWER consist of BIG BOWL of thick lemak gravy plus BIG BEGEDIL/potato cutlet, Crunchy mini tempehs, lontong (not too soft/hard just nice), vegetables, 2 paru (beef lungs), serunding (fried coconut floss) and lots of SHIOKIEST sambal! all for $2.50. TRY IT! IT’s very different from typical lontong. Once utaste this, trust me, u wont go for any other LONTONG! Addictive! I cannot finish it must share with my Hubby.

Another fav is the RENDANG. It’s best to taste the food when it’s just cooked early morning at around 8.30-9am. U will be entertained by Malay music (old timer songs) while munching on its dishes. 4.9999 out of 5 stars for its LONTONG!

The stall is tended by a friendly KAKAK.


Second is the soft fluffy egg prata at FATIMAH ROYAL PRATA. But U have to wait about 5-10mins cos it will be made only when u ordered. I taste it BEST during weekdays morning. But weekends the quality is different. I think because weekends packers so they do not have the luxury to make it when ordered but instead just make many2.
NOTE: I’m ONLY referring to the egg prata cos the plain prata is not as good.

Cost only $1. And the gravy has many kinds, mutton curry, fish curry and chicken/dal curry.All sedap.

RATING for EGG PRATA: 3.999 out of 5 stars!



One of the best. Just behind this prata’s an indian (non-muslim) drink stall. Beside the appam/tosei shop by non-muslim Indian.TEH HALIA SHIOK! 4.5 out of 5 stars! A MUST-TRY!


CENDUL (thirst quenching coconut dessert with green flour bits)and MAnggo LASSI!

After drinking this, U wished u are on board a hammock lulling to the sea breeze. I do not have the picture but it’s the middle shop(Mubarak Ali drink stall) beside Prata sambal berlada on the same row as the HAJI JOHAN shop. the GOOD NEWS is that u can have it early morning like about 9am. YUMMY! I felt like I’m in PONTIAN eating chendul in one of the make shift stalls. 4.5 out of 5 STARS!! A MUST-TRY!!

Manggo LAssi- sweet and sour taste. It’s a manggo juice semi yogurt. Very refreshing. 4 out of 5 star!


This is one of the SHIOK green bean dessert.(MY most favourite green bean and cendul is at the Rumah MINANG At Sultan Mosque there but that shop has too many FAVOURITES of mine. Will talk about it later.) This shop is in the middle row of shops same as the TEH TAREK row., beside the malay kueh shop near Malay fried banana shop. It is by a muslim indian lady. And u can tapow or have it hot there! She also sell red bean dessert and white vermicelli plus sago dessert.YUMMY! 4 out of 5 stars!



Its beside the tek tarek shop. The shop opened till evening. But morning, I think it’s closed cause I went there often but always closed. SEDAAP Pisang goreng. Cannot RATE cause it’s been very long time, I never went there.

this is the end for now…will try to capture more pics…

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  1. Why is it cempedak goreng BUT goreng pisang? Ever thought abt it? Goreng pisang is the act of frying the banana while pisang goreng is fried banana. That's right it is pisang goreng and not goreng pisang which is the direct translation of fried banana. Btw, Good Job with the blog Putri! Keep it up!

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